Product Review: Skyroam Solis

Want to stay connected while you’re on the go internationally? Don’t want the hassle of SIM cards, data packages, and outlandish cell phone bills? Want to get online securely while you’re away? After many travels abroad, and experiencing spotty connectivity ( aka no connectivity), slow speeds, or the sticker shock of the phone bill after the international data plan and usage was tacked on, I was in search of something ( read: anything) that would save me from all that. I was not AT ALL interested in finding a place that sold SIM cards- look, I’m on vacation and that sounds like work. After some searching, I found this device called Skyroam Solis, and I am pleased to recommend it to you. I’ll admit. At first I was very skeptical. They say that this device will work in just about any country.  And it does. I tried it in Barcelona and Madrid ( Spain). Ok. It works in Europe. But what impressed me was how well it worked in Marrakesh, Morocco. Same connectivity speed, my devices had the same performance. And that’s not even the best part! It’s so small, that it was easy to toss in my bag and take with me … Continue reading Product Review: Skyroam Solis