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Growing by 2Feet-Update!

Dear 2 feet,

Update! Our application has been approved! We are one step closer to meeting! Baby, I have to tell you that I am downright giddy!! Ever since we got approved, I’ve been looking at baby stuff and thinking how cute you look in the outfits, what things you will need. Every time I see a baby smile or hear a baby left, I wonder about your smile and laugh. You have already brought so much joy to my life. Every day that passes my love for you grows. We’ve told our family and few friends about the approval and everyone is excited about you!
As you know, your mother is a planner. I thought about your room. If you were a girl I’m thinking mid green pink and gray.if you’re a boy mint green navy and gray. What do you think of that? Your sister’s signature colors were pink and chocolate. Her room looks like Neapolitan ice cream! So far I’ve resisted the urge to buy anything… So far….

Your dad is very relieved!! LOL

❤️ Mommy

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