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Growing by 2Feet-Meet your Dad!

Dear 2Feet,
I don’t know where to start when talking about your Daddy. Your father is a wonderful, wonderful man. If you are a boy, my prayer is that you grow up to be like him. If you are a girl, he’s the type of man hope you fall in love with.

I met your Dad when we were very young. So we essentially have grown up (and plan to grow old) together. Your Daddy can do just about anything! There’s nothing he can’t fix!! No. Thing.

He’s an amazing cook, a music encyclopedia, and should be a Jeopardy champion. Just an all around good guy. Daddy is incredibly smart. I love that we can talk about any subject and I always learn something from those conversations.

Daddy has a generous and kind heart. He will help anyone that he can, and never asks for anything in return. He is well thought of by most people who meet him.

The thing I love most about Daddy? I love how much he loves us (this includes you). He makes sure that my tires are properly inflated (cause truthfully, I don’t pay attention to that stuff). In winter, he makes sure I have a flashlight, blanket and water in my car just in case.

To your sister’s delight, he can be silly and fun. For example, when we go to Disney, he will wear whatever costume your sis and I come up with! He’s been a pirate, a superhero, the Wizard of Oz, and most recently, the White Rabbit- replete with bunny ears and feet!

He is also our safe harbor, and very protective. He’s everything I never knew I would need in my life partner and you’re going to love him just as much as we do!


❤️, Mommy

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