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Teacher Christmas Gift Craft

Happy Holidays! 

Miss Pickles and I love celebrating our teachers with homemade gifts for the holidays. I hope I’m teaching her that not everything of value comes from a store, and that giving of yourself and your time is perhaps the greatest gift. 

So here’s a quick and easy craft you and little ones can do. I saw this video, which has some other ideas as well, and will post that to our FB page. 

What you’ll need:

Mason jars (I like the 16oz size)

Hot cocoa mix


Crushed peppermint

Dark Brown pipe cleaners (3 per jar)

Googly eyes (2 per jar)

Small red Pom-Poms (1 per jar)

Step 1: 

Fill mason jars a little more than half way with cocoa then top with marshmallows and crushed peppermint (optional) and close jar.


Step 2:

Wrap a brown pipe cleaner around the jar just under the lid.

Step 3: Making the antlers. 

And then insert antlers through the pipe cleaner on the jar.

Step 4: Attach googly eyes and pom-pom for the nose.

Step 5: Twist up the bottom of the antlers and voilà! 

You can fill the jars with anything you choose! 

Time: about 10 minutes per jar

Difficulty: Easy. 

Cost: Varies. 

Kid participation: Age 3 and up will enjoy this craft. 

Happy Holidays from Dr. Peaches & Miss Pickles!!!

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