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43 and holding!

It’s my birthday! So to commemorate my 42nd, I decided to share some adult life lessons that I’ve learned. Let me pause here to give an honorable mention to walking, talking, reading, writing, and potty training, as they have had an immeasurable impact on my life’s education thus far. (Wink) 

 Taking 43 for a spin!

1. Change will happen. Roll with it.
2. Don’t make decisions out of desperation or fear- it will end badly.
3. It’s ok to change your mind…and change it again.
4. The unexpected can be wonderful.
5. Patience but not procrastination.
6. God first, family second. I am third.
7. Family before work.
8. Money has its’ place, but in the end it’s only a tool and you can’t take it with you.
9. Learn to enjoy your own company. It’s ok to be alone sometimes.
10. Slow down.
11. Small, seemingly insignificant moments can be huge in retrospect.
12. Shoes are good. Handbags are better.
13. Do the most.
14. Have dessert.
15. Never stop learning new things.
16. Failure isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you.
17. Embrace your crazy- but don’t show it to just anybody.
18. Friendships are the best of things.
19. Sometimes walking away is a good thing.
20. Trust but verify.
21. Remember where you come from.
22. It’s ok to be you.
23. Follow your own path- even when it changes course.
24. Breathe!
25. Be silly sometimes.
26. Take vacations. The world is beautiful.
27. Your self-respect is priceless.
28. Being smart, accomplished, and successful is good. It’s better to be kind.
29. Invest in quality and don’t waste your time and energy on crap. ( This applies to people, places, and things.)
30. Hugs can heal.
31. Sensible shoes need not be ugly.
32. “It’s in my size” is sometimes all the reason you need. Just saying.
33. Pantyhose are evil.
34. Boundaries are healthy.
35. Integrity is everything.
36. “No” is a complete sentence.
37. Know your worth. Accept nothing less.
38. Laughter is good medicine. Insulin is pretty good too.
39. You are enough.
40. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anyone else effectively.

41. Don’t wait to say “I love you” or “I’m sorry.”

42. Don’t spend more time planning your life than you do living it.

And lastly,
43. Birthdays are gifts in and of themselves…but gift gifts are still awesome. (My favorite color is blue and I’m not offended by cash. In case you were curious.)

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