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It’s almost 2016!!!
This year has really flown by!!!

Today I am grateful for time. Of the things that I can claim to possess, it is the thing that I value most. Time is what binds us to one another through shared experiences and fond memories. In 2013 and 2014, I lost people that  I loved dearly, and the anniversaries of these loses causes me to stop and ponder about time. How I want more of it. How I waste it. How much of it is enough?
For those of us who are imprisoned by time, either mentally, or physically, time can draw out like a dull blade through bread. How sad it is to see someone squander the time to learn something new, do something extraordinary, or not to take time for self-reflection, meditation or prayer. Time is the one thing that once it’s gone, can never be remade. We can always make more money and have other possessions. Imagine it… we will never be in this moment ever again. EVER. In all of eternity, it will never again exist. As we move forward in life, we are a little bit older than we were a second ago. And so, going into my new year, I pray that I will always have time, or take time to appreciate time for the magnificent gift that it is, and that I use what time I have in wiser ways.

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