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Medical Travel Tips

Summer is coming, and many of us are planning vacations. Here are a few tips to consider before you go…

1. Bring all of your medications in their original bottles. This is particularly important if you take narcotic pain medications. No need to be mistaken for a drug smuggler!!

2. Bring any devices that you need for medications, i.e., portable nebulizer, syringes, batteries, etc.

3. Bring a written list of medications and drug allergies. List medications out by name, dosage, and how often you take them. You can do this yourself, or get a print out from your pharmacy. If you should need medical attention when you travel, having quick access to this information can be lifesaving!

4. Research the location of the closest hospital to where you’re vacationing. If traveling abroad, be sure they either speak English or have translation services available.

5. Bring your doctor’s information -name, address, and phone number.

6. Check with your airlines about use of supplemental oxygen during your flight.  Oftentimes, a form is required from your doctor.

Safe travels!!

❤️ Peaches&Pickles

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