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Resolution Solutions

Happy New Year!!!!!
At New Year’s , we all look to start over. We resolve to be better, get thinner, you know the drill… But no sooner than the confetti is cleared from Times Square, and the last drop of bubbly consumed, we have broken those promises that we made to ourselves. Ever considered why we fail to keep our resolutions?

1. The pressure.
The collaboration by Bowie and Queen says it best… “Pressure! Pressing down on you, pressing down on me….”
Who needs it? Who wants it? We’ve told our resolutions, either to our friends and family, or posted it on social media, and now, well, it’s out there for everyone to see. Our worst critic is usually ourselves, and the criticism for the failure can be harsh. So, we may not even try at all…

Solution: Set a goal. (Notice I didn’t call it a resolution? Less pressure). Goals are more manageable. Goals can be broken down into their parts. Those small parts can be tackled one at a time. Remember, nobody swallows a hamburger whole- you take bites until it’s finished.

2. Expectations.
Many of us set unrealistic expectations. I’m gonna lose 40 pounds in January! I’m gonna work out everyday! I’m gonna stay late at work and get there early! I’m never gonna be late again! Really? While it may be entirely possible, is it healthy to have such beyond the limit expectations of yourself?

Solution: Dial it back juuuusssttt a little bit. Whatever goal you set for yourself, make them realistic. Stretch the time in which you want to accomplish your goal out to a more reasonable timeframe. Or readjust your goal to something that will result in what you want. For example, “I’m going to incorporate more exercise into my weekly routine,” or ” I’m going to decrease my portions,” or ” I’m gonna try to leave 5 minutes earlier than I usually do this month.” Small goals + reasonable time frame = desired result.

3. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not consistent.
Consistency is the path to making a change in your life. But life happens! Priorities and the demands that they place on your time change things. Schedules must be altered.

Solution: Keep trying. And trying again and again. Allow yourself to be imperfect. You already are, so it’s not a big secret.

4. Form partnerships.
No man is an island….

Seek out people with similar goals, and accomplish them together. This would be the perfect person to share your challenges and give you encouragement. Just about everything is better with friends.

5. Gather all your resources.
This requires a bit of personal introspection and honesty. Not an early morning person and have no intention on becoming one? Not easily self-motivated? Then working out at 5 am by yourself may work for a little while. But we are going for longevity and consistency!

Solution: Get help! Seek out a trainer, be it for fitness or a life coach to help you. Seek medical advice and work out a plan with your doctor. Start therapy. You may find their advice/input to be invaluable.

Have a Happy, Blessed, Prosperous New Year!

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